The camera does not create beauty.  It finds the beauty already there and displays it for all to see

About Anthony Hawthorne

Anthony Hawthorne is a former model who has found his niche on the other side of the camera.  By spending time on the front end of the camera and
10 years of photography experience, he knows lighting, posing, facial expressions, and comfort required to ensure a great photo session.  He brings
the experience from both sides of the camera into every shoot.

He has worked with actors, models, musicians, as well as people that have no experience.   New York Fashion week and Couture week has had him
capturing work of several fashion designers including Jason Boateng, Nina Therup, Alicat, Modalistas, and more.  Fashion Designer Edwing D'Angelo
has used his services for not only runway shots, but lookbook, website photos, and advertising material as well.  His work has been published in
magazines, newspapers, and blogs to include: IMDB, NBC Latino, Amsterdam news, New York Beacon, Fource Magazine, Ouch Magazine, Atlanta
Blackstar, and VRE7.
Anthony Hawthorne
Photo of photographer Anthony Hawthorne
Anthony Hawthorne
Photographed by Adell Young
© Anthony Hawthorne Photography