Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing time in your life.  It's natures art on display as you welcome an addition into your life.   I aim to help you capture this wonderful art and display the beauty of a pregnancy.


Maternity photography of woman standing with fabric blowing in windMaternity GalleryMaternity Gallery for Anthony Hawthorne Photography

Anthony Hawthorne Photography specializes in artistic and creative maternity photography.  Your maternity sessions can be simple yet artistically creative.


The Experience:  

Anthony Hawthorne Photography creates a comfortable and enjoyable experience.   During pre-shoot discussions we discuss ideas on posing, lighting, backdrops, and wardrobe to make sure we can capturing photos that are uniquely created for you.  


When to schedule:

Maternity sessions should be scheduled when you are 28-35 weeks pregnant.  The idea is to be late enough that you are showing, but early enough that you aren't uncomfortable during shooting.



Maternity sessions can take place in studio in front of a backdrop or with limited furniture.  The studio has additional seating location if you bring a guests as well as light snacks.  Maternity shoots can also be done outdoors  or on location.


Hair and Make up: 

You are welcome to sit back, relax, and let a make up artist help display the beauty you already have.  I can have a make up artist available for your session or you can have your own make up artist.  You should come hair ready.


Lastly you don't not have to be skilled at posing or experienced in front of the camera.   I will help you with posing, hand placement, and what is needed to make sure your photos look great.