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I've spent several years trying to figure out what I enjoy and excelled at shooting.  I found that I usually like the connection in shooting with people on a personal level.  There's an art to finding the personality and beauty in people as you document them opening up during the course of a shoot.  Then there's the moment that you recognize they are letting you see them as they are and the camera picks up the beauty that's within them.  You see it in portraiture, fashion, and especially in maternity shoots.  The love of this art and the creative process involved in one on one shoots was the ultimate reason I wasn't a big fan of shooting event photography.

Recently I was asked to shoot All Saints Ball for Picatinny Arsenal.  While I often shoot fashion shows, I usually don't shoot a lot of events, but I found this as another chance to connect with our soldiers, veterans, and civilians during an award ceremony honoring them for their contributions to the Armed Services....and I enjoyed it more than I expected.  The ceremony took place at The Mansion in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.  The fun and excitement as we celebrated together with drinks, food, and dance brought a rush to the photos.  I was excited to get a chance to share in the friendships and bonds being formed in a community that found a moment to let loose.

There were awards for Soldiers, veterans, civilians, family members, and industry partners prompting me to learn more about these awards and what they mean to the community.  There were a number of traditions and ceremonies that were unique and a pleasure to view and be a part of. 

Collage_Campoli_MG_7602Collage_Campoli_MG_7602Campoli receiving the Order of Saint Barbara award at the All Saints Ball in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

All Saints Ball 2017Couples during the All Saints Ball in Mountain Lakes, NJ

Edited_AllSaints17_MG_7851_IIIEdited_AllSaints17_MG_7851_IIIPortraits taken during the All Saints Ball in Mountain Lakes, NJ


I'm truly looking forward to photographing the Winter Ball in December and sharing in more of these great traditions.


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