Fashion and beauty spans across many areas of the photography world.   I offer a number of fashion services for those who want to look confident and display their style.


Bridal photography with bride standing on balcony with veil hanging downBridal Photography GalleryBridal Fashion Photography


The center piece of your fashion collection is your wedding gown.  You fell in love with the dress because of the way it looked on you and how it made you feel.  It may have been the biggest clothing decision you have ever made.  And you wore it a whopping...….one time.  Bridal photography is about creatively capturing a high fashion or artistic style while showing off the most important piece of fashion  you have chosen.  It captures how you look and how you feel in this incredible dress, without the business of the many things occurring on your wedding day.  These photos are focused and detailed sessions just for the bride or groom.  They are taken before the wedding to display during the wedding or after the wedding to create a center piece your home (or both). 




Anthony Hawthorne Photography FashionFashion photography GalleryFashion photography by Photographer Anthony Hawthorne located in Vernon, NJ.



Fashion is about clothing and style.  I shoot fashion photography for individuals, designers, and companies.  Of course you don't need a reason to have incredible photos of yourself.  You can have a fashion shoot to showcase your style and beauty or even that new outfit  you purchased for a special event. I have a unique and creative way of looking at fashion.  Fashion isn't only tied to your everyday clothing.  If you are a high school or college athlete looking to capture your football uniform, it can be captured as creative fashion or a standard portrait.  Senior portraits can be captured as a creative fashion session.  I also shoot editorials and commercial fashion. My photography has been published in multiple magazines.  



Anthony Hawthorne Photography RunwayRunway galleryRunway fashion photography by Photographer Anthony Hawthorne located in Vernon, NJ.



I enjoy shooting runway fashion.  I've shot a lot of shows at New York Fashion week working directly with the designers. Photographing before, during, and post show providing the best shot of each look.  My runway photos have been published internationally in many magazines, editorials, and newspapers.