Portrait photography is about capturing the essence of your personality and beauty.  I specialize in beauty portraits and headshots.  Beauty portraits focus on bringing out your best features and realizing the beauty you already have.  These photos are wonderful for hanging in your home, posting on social media, or giving as gifts.   Headshots provide a clear and concise view of your face and smile.  I capture your personality and joyous nature.   A note on senior portraits.  I capture senior portaits as fashion and beauty with a creative flair.  Senior portraits can be lifestyle centered or fashion inspired.  These are for High school or college seniors are who are looking to create memories more than the standard yearbook photos.  These sessions are for seniors who want to remember their time in school and celebrate their final year with unique and artistic photos.



Anthony Hawthorne Photography PortraitsAnthony Hawthorne Photography Portraits GalleryPortrait photography by Photographer Anthony Hawthorne located in Vernon, NJ.



Portrait Gallery for Anthony HawthorneFamily Portraits Gallery by Anthony Hawthorne PhotographyAnthony Hawthorne Photography is a Portraits Photographer shooting family portraits in Vernon, NJ


Formal events GalleryFormal Events GalleryFormal Events by Anthony Hawthorne Photography of Vernon, NJ


Portrait sessions can take place in your home, on location, Place of business (business headshots), or in small studio in Vernon, New Jersey.  We can shoot standard portrait sessions or opt for the creative and artistic (or just fun) styles.  

While I do not shoot weddings, I do shoot engagement and bridal photos (see fashion page) as well as photos of couples of any relationship status.  Often you get engaged and you haven't head the chance to identify a wedding photographer.  Or you wish to have different style of engagement and bridal photos.  Maybe you are a couple who have been married for years looking to document an anniversary. Portrait sessions do not need to be limited to newly married or engaged couples.