Anthony is a Sussex County, NJ based Fashion, Portrait, Boudoir, and Maternity Photographer.


As I say that, I realize it doesn't truly capture the type of photography I do.  I capture the human art form to create memories.  This is different than capturing memories to create art.

An expecting mother/family finding the perfect clothing shoot in the park and their interactions together to remember a first or second pregnancy is a captured memory. It's when you  say "remember when I was pregnant and we took pictures in the park."   A pregnant body is natures art, an artform that will be different with each pregnancy.  Capturing the form and essence of what it is to be pregnant is a captured art form.  When you say "Look at how I different I look from when we had our first child".

As a senior, it is one thing to capture the memory that you played a particular sport in high school.  I was a dual sport athlete in high school and college.  I know that it is completely different to capture the art in the way you put on your uniform, tuck your jersey into your pad, the way you tape your wrists or ankles, the style and care you put into how you looked on the field....even if that style and care was to make sure it looked like you didn't care.  There's how you looked in your uniform before you learned your way around the gym. And the maturation as you grew from a senior in high school through to a senior in college. 

As a bride, your wedding ceremony is going to be full of memories.  The first dance, the kiss, the ring being placed on your finger, the smiling faces of friends and family.  You are going to want to remember that day.  But you've spent countless hours over several weeks or months finding that perfect dress that captures and countless hours making sure you can fit into it. Maybe it was the way the train hit the floor.  It could have been the way the dress shows your curves.  Either way you invested a lot of time and money into the perfect dress only to enjoy it on the most hectic day of your life. Imagine being able to take your time to artfully capture how you look, feel, and full fashion of the perfect dress.

So as you can see Fashion, Portrait, Boudoir, and Maternity doesn't quite capture it all.  I take the art form that is you, your style, your body, your clothes...and create memories.