Are Hair and Make-up Provided?

In order to give you the most flexibility, costs do not currently include make-up artist or hair stylist.   Many clients have preferred to go to their own hair stylist and/or do their own make up.  I do have a couple incredible make-up artist that I partner with and can arrange to add their services to packages.  It's much more flexible to add the make-up service to a package than to have you sign up for a package that includes a make-up artist even if you decide to use your own.


What if I've never posed in front of the camera?

No need to worry.  I help you pose from head to toe highlighting your favorite features.  We will use small movements throughout the shoot to create a variety of different poses. Don't be shocked if you see me get down and demonstrate the pose myself.


Where will the shoot take place?

Scenes are developed based on the style of the shoot.  Most shoots take place at the in-home studio.  Studio scenes can be with plain backdrops of a variety of different colors, as well as bed set, chaise lounge, and plain walls set up to suit the shoot we are looking for.   Shoots can also take place outdoors, at a hotel/airbnb, or at your residence.  Why not get glammed up, have an incredible shooting experience, and enjoy the hotel and restaurants.   Additional travel charges may apply.


Do you edit/retouch photos?

Yes.  The photos you see in your preview gallery will only be very lightly touched (straightening, minor color adjustment, and cropped) to give better assist you in making the best choice for your favorite photos.  Once you selected your favorite photos and products, I go through more extensive editing.  I do not send the photos to a retoucher or put them through a batch process.  I edit each individual photo to include skin smoothing, removing reasonable scars, imperfections, etc.  I can do light face and body modifications, but the photo would be a reflection of you and still look like you.


What should I bring to the shoot?

We'll discuss extensively what type of clothing to bring to the shoot based on the idea/concept we come up with.  Most likely the clothing is already in your closet.   I do have some clothing and shoes available for use in the studio if needed.  I also have a variety of hats, fabrics, leggings, etc that can be used.


When should I book?

Sessions should be booked a 1-2 months in advance. This allows proper time for planning the session and getting any necessary items to shoot.  If you need photos by a certain time you should take editing time into account.  It takes about 2-3 weeks for photos to be ready for online preview.  Final edited photos depend on how many photos you want edited and what products you select.

Maternity: Maternity sessions should be scheduled when you are 28-35 weeks pregnant.  The idea is to be late enough that you are showing, but early enough that you aren't uncomfortable during shooting.



Boudoir/Maternity Specific FAQs

Do I have to pose nude?

How much you reveal is completely up to your comfort level.  I will never pressure you to show more than you feel comfortable.  During the planning sessions we'll discuss the style that you are most interested in, but just because we discussed it doesn't mean you have to shoot it.  If you decided that you aren't ready to be as revealing as you thought, we can be flexible to capture a similar style in clothing set you are comfortable in.  Most sessions consist of lingerie or sexy clothing with implied nude mixed in.  Implied nude is when we use strategic posing to keep you covered.  We will generally start clothed and your comfort level grows we work to more intimate poses.  You don't even have to wear lingerie if you don't want to.  If you feel sexier in short pair of shorts and deep V shirt or tee, we can definitely work around the style that best suits you.


Can I pose nude?

This question comes up a lot. How much you reveal is completely up to your comfort level.  If you interested in a more risqué session, you could feel comfortable in discussing and planning a session that revolves around your comfort level.  You'd be surprised at how often during a session a client find themselves more comfortable than expected and ask if they can shoot a little more provactive or already had a more risqué style in mind but weren't sure if I were comfortable with it.   I do shoot artistic nudes sessions for both boudoir and maternity.


Will you post my images?

I will not use your photos without your prior consent.  Preview galleries are private, secure, and password protected website where you can favorite or order photos products.  You can request to have an in-person preview session instead.  Print products are sent to a professional print lab.  


Do you shoot men?

Yes.  Men also deserve to feel confident and sexy.   Your comfort level is also very important and we can shoot based off your comfort level.  Boudoir sessions can be empowering and confidence boosting for men as well.  I wouldn't suspect we'd shoot a maternity session, but if you were really hoping for a Maternity sesison and your belly is in prime position we can shoot a Paternity session. 



Do you shoot couples boudoir?

I do shoot couples boudoir.  This has been a growing trend that I hadn't previously shown much of, but it can be a very intimate and relationship building experience.   There is a lot of energy with couples boudoir sessions that last with a couple for quite some time.  There are truly an amazing experience that are intimate and sexy, but full of laughter.   The experience can be heightened if you rent a hotel room for the shoot and stay in the hotel after your session.